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Hagia Sophia: Pope 'pained' as Istanbul museum reverts to mosque
The Pope is the latest faith leader to voice concern at the Istanbul museum reverting to a mosque.
Coronavirus: Three generations of Bollywood Bachchan family infected
Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, her father-in-law, husband and daughter test positive for Covid-19.
Iran plane crash: 'Human error' to blame for downing of Ukrainian jet
Iran says equipment error and poor communication caused civilian plane to be shot down by military.
Sudan scraps apostasy law and alcohol ban for non-Muslims
The ban on alcohol is lifted for non-Muslims, while the apostasy law and public flogging are scrapped.
Southern China hit by heavy flooding
The country's flood response alert has been raised to the second highest level.
Mali opposition rejects President Keïta's concessions amid unrest
Opposition leaders reject President Keïta's "nonsense" concessions as political unrest grows.
Roger Stone: Robert Mueller defends indictment over Russia probe
Ex-US special counsel Robert Mueller intervenes after President Trump commutes an aide's jail term.
Xu Zhangrun: Outspoken professor freed after six days
A friend said constitutional law professor Xu Zhangrun was in good health.
Coronavirus: Donald Trump wears face mask for the first time
The US president previously said he could not see himself wearing a mask in public.
Hong Kong: Opposition primaries draw thousands despite security law fears
Hundreds of thousands of people vote despite fears that doing so may breach a new security law.
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