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Joe Biden downplays chances of UK-US trade deal
The US president's comments come as he met Boris Johnson for talks in the White House.
Taliban ask to speak at UN General Assembly in New York
The group wants to address world leaders, weeks after ousting Afghanistan's former government.
Melbourne earthquake: Tremor rattles southeast Australia
A 5.8 magnitude earthquake rattles Australia's second largest city, causing damage to buildings.
Willie Garson: Sex and the City star dies aged 57
The actor was known for his role as Stanford Blatch on the long-running series and films.
Gabby Petito: Body found in Wyoming is missing 'van life' blogger
A coroner says the 22-year-old's death was a homicide but gives no details as to how she died.
Covid-19: India health workers' families fight for compensation
The government hailed health workers as heroes, but families of many who died still await compensation.
Life at 50C: Heat hitting home in Australia
Cities like Sydney are already experiencing extremely hot days because of climate change.
Pew study: Little change in India's religious make-up in 70 years
The population trebled in 70 years but saw few changes to its religious composition, a study shows.
Canada election: Conservative O'Toole defiant after loss to Trudeau
Canada's Conservative leader promised to stay on, adding that he has more work to do to win.
Canary Islands volcano: Hundreds more evacuated as La Palma lava nears sea
Officials fear lava could trigger toxic gasses when it reaches the sea on the Canary Islands resort.

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