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Amazon fires: Brazil threatened over EU trade deal
Mr Macron says Brazil's leader lied to him as UK and German leaders voice concerns over the fires.
'I will give my last drop of blood for this forest'
Members of Brazil's Mura tribe vow to defend their land, as wildfires rage in the Amazon rainforest.
David Koch: Billionaire Republican donor dies aged 79
The 11th richest man in the world and his brother had a huge influence on the conservative movement.
Ocean Viking: EU nations to take in migrants stuck near Malta
Six EU countries are to host 356 African migrants, who were stranded at sea for two weeks.
Trump vows retaliation as China escalates trade war
The president vows retaliation after China announces new tariffs on 5,000 products imported from the US.
Jeffrey Epstein case: France launches rape inquiry
The financier, who was facing sex charges in the US when he killed himself, had a home in Paris.
Russia floating nuclear power station sets sail across Arctic
The world's first such facility begins a long voyage across the Arctic ocean to Russia's far east.
Kashmir unrest: Clashes at protest after Friday prayers
Demonstrators throw stones at police, who respond with tear gas in the restive city of Srinagar.
US names Nigerians in massive fraud investigation
Eighty people - most described as Nigerian citizens - are accused of stealing millions of dollars.
Emine Bulut: Anger in Turkey over mother's murder
Emine Bulut, 38, was stabbed to death in a cafe in Turkey by her ex-husband in front of her child.
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