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EU needs to help virus-hit countries, Italy PM says
Italian PM Giuseppe Conte tells the BBC EU leaders need to rise to the challenge of the pandemic.
Porous borders where virus cannot be controlled
People surging unmonitored over borders in a volatile part of the world has sparked dire warnings.
Yemen: Saudi-led coalition announces ceasefire
The coalition has been fighting against Houthi forces in Yemen since March 2015.
Woman who revealed Clinton-Lewinsky scandal dies
Linda Tripp, who disclosed Bill Clinton's White House affair with Monica Lewinsky dies, aged 70.
Coronavirus: WHO chief urges end to 'politicisation' of virus
The comments come as President Trump continues his attacks on what he calls the "China-centric" WHO.
Coronavirus: How Russia's ballet wasn't shut down despite lockdown
The spread of coronavirus has shut down entertainment venues but for these dancers the show goes on.
Disney Plus racks up 50m subscribers in five months
Disney's new video streaming service almost doubles its subscription base during coronavirus lockdowns.
Bernie Sanders suspends presidential campaign
The decision clears the way for Joe Biden to become the Democratic nominee who faces Donald Trump.
Virus could push half a billion people into poverty
UN research warns the coronavirus pandemic could put a further 8% of world's population in poverty.
Coronavirus: Marathon talks over EU virus rescue package stall
EU finance ministers suspend talks on a recovery fund after 16 hours, amid deep divisions.

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