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China coronavirus: Fears infections will rise as hundreds of millions travel
China tries to contain the deadly virus in Hubei province as the number of deaths continues to rise.
Trump impeachment: Senators play games and nap during trial
Senators have been seen chewing gum, handing out fidget spinners and sleeping during the trial.
Annabella Sciorra says Harvey Weinstein brutally raped her
"I couldn't fight anymore because he had my hands locked," the Sopranos actress tells the trial.
Storm Gloria: Spain death toll rises to 13 with four missing
Spain's government is to meet in emergency session after the storm carved a swathe of destruction.
'Birth tourism': US steps up scrutiny of pregnant visa applicants
Pregnant women will be banned from visiting the US if they cannot prove they will not give birth there.
Doomsday Clock nears apocalypse over climate and nuclear fears
The symbolic timepiece ticks to 100 seconds from midnight amid climate and nuclear concerns.
Isabel dos Santos: Banker found dead in Lisbon
He managed the account of Angola's state oil firm Sonangol, once chaired by Africa's richest woman.
Harry Dunn: Anne Sacoolas extradition request rejected by US
The Home Office said the decision over the extradition of Anne Sacoolas was a "denial of justice".
Poland judges: Parliament and Supreme Court issue rival rulings
The top court says new judges are not independent, while lawmakers vote to fire those who are critical.
Myanmar Rohingya: Government rejects ICJ ruling
Thousands of Muslims died and more than 700,000 fled to Bangladesh amid an army crackdown.
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