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Thai king strips consort of titles for 'disloyalty'
The King of Thailand strips his royal consort of her titles months after appointing her.
Israeli PM Netanyahu fails to form a government ahead of deadline
The prime minister concedes he cannot form a coalition, handing an opportunity to his main rival.
Syria: Civilians pelt US army vehicles with potatoes in Qamishli
Residents bombard withdrawing US army vehicles in Qamishli, on the Syrian border with Turkey.
At least 55 elephants die in Zimbabwe drought
A severe drought over the past two months kills the animals in Hwange National Park.
Herman Mashaba: Johannesburg's black mayor resigns over DA race row
Herman Mashaba hits out at his party's promotion of a colleague who had praised aspects of colonialism.
Brexit: MPs' vote on deal ruled out by Speaker John Bercow
The government says it is disappointed, but will go ahead with introducing legislation putting the deal into law.
Mitt Romney's secret Twitter account Pierre Delecto revealed
The ex-presidential hopeful admits using the Twitter account "Pierre Delecto" - "C'est moi", he says.
Jan Kuciak: Four charged over murder of journalist and fiancée
The murder of Jan Kuciak and his fiancée last year triggered mass protests in Slovakia.
Hard Rock Hotel construction site cranes destroyed
Two cranes were destroyed after the partial collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel last week.
Bangladesh MP 'hired eight proxies to sit exams'
Tamanna Nusrat is expelled from Bangladesh's Open University after an alleged exam-sitter is caught.
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