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The President's refusal to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power if he loses to Biden in November is leading America towards a dark place
President Donald Trump's refusal on Wednesday to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power if he loses to Joe Biden in November is leading America towards a dark place during a year of incendiary political tensions.

Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transition of power after Election Day
President Donald Trump on Wednesday would not commit to providing a peaceful transition of power after Election Day, lending further fuel to concerns he may not relinquish his office should he lose in November.

The Atlantic writer: 'I scared myself' writing this story
The Atlantic staff writer Barton Gellman tells CNN's Don Lemon that he believes President Trump will not concede defeat if he loses the 2020 presidential election.

Opinion: Trump just told us our democracy is at risk -- from him
American democracy has been defined by the peaceful transfer of power. Donald Trump seems to have other ideas.

Analysis: Pay attention to nightmare election scenarios. One might come true
Republicans have shown themselves this week to care not a whit about hypocrisy when there's a Supreme Court justice on the line.

Analysis: What if Senate Democrats win BIG in November?
The biggest news out of The Economist's release this week of its Senate model is that it gives Democrats a 67% chance of winning 51 seats (and the the majority) on November 3.

Fact check: Trump Jr. touts baseless rigged-election claims to recruit 'army' for his dad
Donald Trump Jr. is touting baseless election-rigging claims in videos posted to Facebook and Twitter asking "able-bodied" people to join an election security "army" for his father.

Protests erupt over lack of charges in Breonna Taylor's death
• LIVE UPDATES: Seattle protesters throwing objects at police, eight arrested so far • There was 'a lot of sadness and weeping' after grand jury decision

CDC: Thousands of commercial flight passengers may have been exposed to virus in 2020
• A 'distressed' Birx questions how long she can remain on task force, sources say • CDC chief says more than 90% of Americans remain susceptible to virus

South Korea official shot dead by North Korean troops after crossing border: Seoul
A South Korean official was shot dead after crossing a maritime border into North Korea, Seoul said Thursday.
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