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Trump Credits Obama with Stock Market Activity

Author: Some Stock Guru


WASHINGTON DC - President Trump has given credit to President Obama for the recent activity in the stock market. For the past year that Trump has been in office, he has repeatedly mentioned that due to his efforts of enacting no fiscal policy whatsoever, the stock market has been on the rise.

In Trump's State of the Union speech, he made it a point to once again mention Wall Street's success and over all high numbers on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Analysts agree that actions taken over the course of the years before Trump was even in office, had no part whatsoever in how the market is performing today.

Trump seems to have had a change of heart, and decided to rightfully credit President Obama for the recent activity. "When the stock market is up, it's because of me. When it is going down, it's obviously due to Obama's failed fiscal policy.", says Trump. "The unemployment rate is also at a historic low.", he adds to reinforce the point that his Presidency has allowed the figure to continue the same steady decline it has for over 5 years.

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