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Sri Lanka attacks: IS 'may be linked', government says
The scale of the attacks suggests that there was foreign assistance, Sri Lankan authorities say.
US 'border militia training to assassinate Obama' - FBI
A border militia group's leader is accused of training members to eliminate political figures.
UAE woman Munira Abdulla wakes up after 27 years in a coma
Munira Abdulla, from the United Arab Emirates, had been unconscious since 1991 after a car crash.
Myanmar landslide buries at least 54 jade miners
The workers were sleeping as they were struck by what police have described as a "mud lake".
Google 'retaliating against harassment protest organisers'
Organisers of walkouts in protest at Google's treatment of women say they are facing backlash at work.
Innovative child malaria vaccine test starts in Malawi
The treatment, developed over 30 years, is the first to give partial protection to children, WHO says.
Saudi prisoner 'executed and crucified'
The man was one of 37 people executed on charges of terrorism, an official statement says.
Sudan army chief says soldiers 'will not attack protesters'
The head of the military council tells the BBC force will not be used against protesting civilians.
Rodrigo Duterte: Philippines not a 'dump site' for Canadian waste
The Philippine president chastises Canada for failing to repatriate waste sent to his country.
Notre-Dame fire: Rain threatens France's damaged cathedral
A week after the cathedral was engulfed in flames, protective layers are being put in place.
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